Magnolia Awakening IV


This is part of a group of 7 that when hug together make up a branch of the Frasier Magnolia taking up at least 8′ of wall space. but can be spread apart to take up more space. It took me 2 years to create the 28 plates needed for this group of 7, and I will be printing the editions for years. the can be hung singly or as pairs, or as groups of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. All of them are different size rectangles, to be hung so the branches connect.

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This is a 4 plate etching and engraving printed on 100% rag paper. I am in the process of printing a limited edition of 95 signed, numbered, and hand-pulled prints.

Paper Size & Type

Unmatted (paper size: 22"h x 18"w), Matted (paper size26"h x 21"w)


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