Flat Laurel Creek (One Plate)


This is of a place I like to hike from the Black Balsam parking lot off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Western NC. by hiking up Sams Knob and then down and across Flat Laurel Creek ( someone had a sense of humor naming this because there are a number of large waterfalls on this creek) and along another trail back to the parking lot. In just a couple of hours I hike through woods, open fields, up to awesome views, down to and across the creek and along a small balsam forest and great sunset views

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‘Flat Laurel Creek’ is a one plate soft -ground etching and engraving printed on 100% rag paper. This plate is also used with 2 other plates in a color version with the same title. when I was working on the engraving of this plate I printed a working proof without the other plates and really liked it! A winter view instead of an autumn one. I am in the process of printing a limited edition of 50 signed, numbered and hand-pulled prints.

Paper Size & Type

Unmatted (Paper Size: 22" x 18"), Matted (Paper Size: 26" x 21")


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