Jay Pfeil


I enjoy creating in many different mediums, and different materials

call forth from me different imagery.

In this world were there is so much beauty,

And so much that I appreciate, I make things that are prayers of thanks

for all the beauty that I live in.

I dance,

Literally and physically,

with time and space

and inspiration.

I am happy to be here!

Title remains with the artist

All intaglio prints selling for 100.00 or more unmatted come with a print disclosure.

All mats are 2ply – rag antique white with a narrow lining accent of acid-free paper on top and backed with acid-free foam core. The 2ply rag mat is 3″ wide on top and sides and 3 1/2″ to 4″ on the bottom.

‘working proof’ means this is a print pulled while I am still making changes in the metal plates.

‘trial proof’ means that this is a proof pulled when the plates are done but I’m experimenting with color. (a working proof is almost always also a trial proof)

‘proof’ is a print pulled in the process of printing the edition that for some reason ( examples: wrinkled paper, slightly of register) is not included in the edition but is still a beautiful print.